Travel Journal

Müskinn x Joana Polónia

Design label Müskinn’s fun and daring collection of transparent bags are brought together with Photographer Joana Polónia’s travel journals. The colourful yet light-hearted work of both artists are almost their manifesto of the adventurous spirits.

Abstract Color

AH/OK x Nick Prideaux

Two stories about color and finding beauty in the smallest details are brought together: fashion label AH/OK’s ‘Bloom’ collection shows instinctive traces of color and Nick Prideaux’s photographs are all about simplicity through subtraction and focussing on bold color and light.

Texture and Color

CIMONE x Lauren Manning

Lauren Manning creates 'Earth Patterns' from Google Earth where she focusses on the intersection of man-made geometries with the raw beauty of nature. This creates tactile imagery with interesting contradicting color schemes. The beautiful SS17 collection of CIMONE is focussed on tactility and contradictions - the tension between polished and raw elements.

Breaking Borders

SHOHEI x Ning Kai / Sabrina Scarpa

Designer SHOHEI’s SS17 collection ‘Conservation of Mind’ and photographer duo Ning Kai / Sabrina Scarpa’s series ‘The Land Between Us’ are brought together on the subject of cultural differences.


AKA Jewellery x Pavel Banka

Inspired by ‘construction’, particularly how objects work and constructed, AKA Jewellery creates jewelleries with a duality of art object and wearables. In search of work of ‘construction’, we found photographer Pavel Banka’s ‘Construction’ Series in his recent book ‘Reflection’ published by Schilt Publishing & Gallery.

Between The Sky and The Sea

Atelier Bartavelle x Caroline Perdrix

Atelier Bartavelle’s SS17 collection "Les Auffes" is inspired by the Auffes, a small traditional haven in Marseille, France. Between the sky and the sea, in the heart of an urban district, you will discover the scenery and inspirations of the collection in the words of the French writer Anne Collongues, and images by the label’s own Caroline Perdrix.

Core Elements

YUNIT x Alba Giertz

Fashion label Yunit is all about the necessary sustainable basics in life. Connected to photo series of photographer Alba Giertz, where she expresses a sombre aesthetic, we see the core four elements in nature: earth, water, air and fire.

Revisit Tropicália Along the Blackwater of Brazil

meshit x Alfonso Moral

Two completely different stories from Brazil are brought together. A glimpse of lives in different places and times can’t help but leaving us contemplating. Meshit’s SS17 collection is inspired by the cultural and political movement “Tropicália” in the late 60s Brazil. Travelled through Amazon and Rio Negro, photographer Alfonso Moral documented the old ...

Everyday Beauty and Sustainable Fashion Intercepts

Tales of Anyday x Giulia Vigna

This time we bring together the work of two artists who are inspired by the details and moments of everyday life. Fashion label Tales of Anyday by designer Sintija Avotniece designs garments for everyday wear, while photographer Giulia Vigna is on a constant quest in search of beauty in ordinary places.

Swiss Landscape

Marlich x Bärbel Praun

For AW16, Swiss accessories label Marlich tells a story of Swiss ‘cliché’, and challenges people’s common perception of Switzerland. Through Swiss landscape as subject, photographer Bärbel Praun investigates our society’s relationship with landscape. Both work questions the authentic versus the artificial.