Swiss Landscape

Marlich x Bärbel Praun

For AW16, Swiss accessories label Marlich tells a story of Swiss ‘cliché’, and challenges people’s common perception of Switzerland. Through Swiss landscape as subject, photographer Bärbel Praun investigates our society’s relationship with landscape. Both work questions the authentic versus the artificial.

Myth of the Past

RITARITA x Dana Stirling

The myth of the past brings RITARITA’s SS17 collection and Dana Stirling’s ‘Dead Water’ series together for their second visual story brought by Acreati.RITARITA’s SS17 collection is inspired by the monstrous Greek mythological creature Chimera. Bearing told memories of a miraculous oasis in the Dead Sea, Dana Stirling documented a different present of ...


Collar x Alex Muriana

Swimwear and Lingerie label Collar’s SS17 collection ‘Athirst’ plays upon the elements of heat and drought, conveying an image of a young woman wandering in an imaginary desert, tired and parched with thirst. The inspiration of the collection is reflected through photographer Alex Muriana’s series ‘The Shadow’s Thirst’, documenting the ongoing desertificatio

Outdoor Colors

meshit x Ulrike Meutzner

Inspired by the outdoors and autumn/winter’s earthy yet wide ranging colors, fashion label meshit and photographer Ulrike Meutzner created work that lure us into the lukewarm fantasy of the cold seasons.

Comfort in Darkness

THISISNON x Annick Ligtermoet

The timeless and dark character of THISISNON’s ‘Black Wool’ collection is brought to light by the ‘Nocturnes’ series of artist Annick Ligtermoet. The photo series documents winter days in Finland where time seems to go slower and the world feels isolated by a thick black haze.

Illustrations of the Past

Ebby Port x Samuel Zeller

Reminiscing her childhood, designer Ebby Port created collection ‘It’s Night Now’ as a reflection of her heritage. Examining the past, photographer Samuel Zeller’s ongoing Botanical series revolves on a painterly recreation of mid-century botanical illustrations.

Traditions in Retrospect

TOMCSANYI x Saskia Boer

The aristocratic glamour of the Eastern European jet set strikes back in Dori’s AW16 collection. The tile inspired prints and exotic color combinations are highlighted by Saskia Boer’s documentary of Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan.

The Glasgow Urban Youth

Irina Gusakova x Igor Termenon

In this visual series, the story of Irina Gusakova’s AW17 collection is told through its lookbook photographer Igor Termenon’s personal project ‘I Used To Live Here’. The laidback yet adventurous attitude of Glasgow’s urban youth is portrayed through fragments of the place itself.

When self-portrait and still life collide

STYL.MYL. x Leonardo Magrelli

Leonardo Magrelli’s photo series ‘Meerror’ shows what mirrors reflect when we are not in front of them. These unseen and almost vanishing images inspire a visual conversation with STYL.MYL.’s design, which often adds unexpected cuts and details to the garments.

Abstract Art and Embroidery Patches

Roche Rouge x Ingeborg ten Hoopen

Roche Rouge’s second collection takes you on a journey to the darkest depths of the sea. The atmosphere of the lookbook is highlighted by the constructivist art works of artist Ingeborg ten Hoopen.