• Fashion design // Carli Pearson
  • Photography // Lauren Manning
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Texture and Color

CIMONE x Lauren Manning

Lauren Manning creates 'Earth Patterns' from Google Earth where she focusses on the intersection of man-made geometries with the raw beauty of nature. This creates tactile imagery with interesting contradicting color schemes. The beautiful SS17 collection of CIMONE is highly focussed on tactility and contradictions - the tension between polished and raw elements.

Lauren Manning is a multi-disciplinary designer based in LA & New York. From an early age, Lauren was fascinated by the combination of problem solving and making which lead to studies in architecture and design. Lauren developed a passion for telling stories through data and translated these data into printmaking.

One evening, while browsing through Google Earth on her iPad Lauren became intrigued by the beautiful images she found - and this is how her series ‘Earth Patterns’ started. Lauren realized that she could take photographs, framing beautiful colors, angles, textures and patterns, within the vast satellite image library of Google Earth. While focusing mostly on the parts where man-made lines and circles touch upon raw landscapes, she frames each image with a delicate balance of space, scale and shapes. The colors in the images are not manipulated, relying entirely on naturally occurring colors, or the occasional glitch from the satellites.

The beautiful statement pieces of the SS17 collection designed by Carli Pearson, founder and Creative Director of CIMONE, showcase a web of contradictions - control versus chaos, high-end production paired with repurposed textures. Nothing is what it seems at first glance, everyday items are reframed and reconfigured into covetous pieces. The clothes themselves contain transformative elements to be worn inside out and back to front.

The SS17 collection continues to showcase signature CIMONE style; confidence, irreverence and fun with a refined and considered edge. This collection offers features of free flowing exaggerated movements, overblown voluminous shapes and a tactile fabric mix. The collection features interactive embellishment moving with the body and reacting to the wearer in unique ways, never appearing the same way twice. A subtle and muted whitewash is brought to life with a vibrant injection of juxtaposed bold color, appearing as splashes and stripes.

See more of Lauren Manning's work on her website and Instagram.

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  • Fashion design // Carli Pearson
  • Photography // Lauren Manning

About Carli Pearson

Combining irreverence and playfulness with haute styling, each CIMONE creation is a timeless piece designed to stand-alone and work within a modern woman’s wardrobe. 

Based in London, and working exclusively with specialist professionals, the studio hand crafts and develops each garment in house. Underpinning each design is a strong emphasis on finesse, where every detail is carefully considered and lovingly nurtured throughout each stage of production. No compromises are made to achieve the highest quality.

Pearson’s vision for CIMONE is a self-assured, forward-thinking brand, underpinned with integrity, where the studio functions like an atelier of yesteryear, allowing for an organic design process to develop naturally.

Modern materials and innovative production methods reinvent the familiar. CIMONE is luxury with a youthful spirit, melding raw experimentation with a polished aesthetic.

Pearson has worked in the industry since 2003, firstly at Stella McCartney, where she spent seven years. She later moved on to various senior roles, including Design Director at Alexander Wang, Head of Show Collection at Pucci, and most recently, as Head of Womenswear at McQ, Alexander McQueen.

She has also consulted for a number of other designers internationally, including Temperley, Jaeger, Equipment, Iris & Ink, and Orlebar Brown. After being awarded an MA scholarship grant from the British Fashion Council, Pearson went on to study a Central Saint Martins under Louise Wilson, graduating with an MA in Womenswear in 2003. Pearson is now based in London.

About Lauren Manning

Lauren Manning is a multi-disciplinary designer based in LA & New York. From an early age, she was fascinated by the combination of problem solving and making. This naturally lead to studies in architecture and design. While exploring a variety of creative disciplines during school, Lauren developed a passion for telling stories through data, translating self tracking projects into printmaking and design projects.

Today she works as a digital product strategist solving complex problems for large scale companies. She makes modular, flexible systems that can be scaled across digital platforms to facilitate a tremendous variety of user and business needs.