Blank Etiquette

Blank Etiquette's Urban Luxury Reinterpreted

BLANK ETIQUETTE x John Patrick Walder

Drawing inspiration from both the high-end and the underground, Tosca Wyss and John Patrick Walder's talents make for a strong imagery for the unique Blank Etiquette allure. This is the modern streetwear for sensible and determined individuals.

Blank Etiquette

Berlin, Germany

Focusing on men’s wear, Tosca Wyss, the designer behind the label Blank Etiquette, pays the greatest attention to high quality characteristics in every piece created. Linking urban streetwear with high-end fabrics and exclusive embroidery; the juxtaposing themes allow Blank Etiquette to create it’s own vision of modern streetwear for individual people. Creating limited editions with a maximum of 5-50 pieces depending on style ensure the exclusivity and unique artistic aspect of every single piece. Blank Etiquette's aim is to offer product dissociated from fashion as a mass-consumption product but as a piece of art that lasts.