Collar x Alex Muriana

Swimwear and Lingerie label Collar’s SS17 collection ‘Athirst’ plays upon the elements of heat and drought, conveying an image of a young woman wandering in an imaginary desert, tired and parched with thirst. The inspiration of the collection is reflected through photographer Alex Muriana’s series ‘The Shadow’s Thirst’, documenting the ongoing desertificatio


Riga, Latvia

‘Collar’ believes in the beauty of unconventionality and strives to dress the personality not a body type, encouraging women to love their skin, their being and the tiny imperfections fully and honestly. In a time when the female body is hyper–sexualized, the label wishes to bring back the covert, concealed intimacy.

Merging high functionality with exceptional quality, ‘Collar’ maintains a mysterious and refined expression of beauty with a twist of edginess for a confident state of mind. Swimwear and lingerie pieces are sculptured to perfectly enclose the silhouette.