Alice Bosc

Landscape Studies

Alice Bosc x Luca Tombolini

Inspired by the colors of earth, graphic designer Alice Bosc launched her minimal jewellery collection infused with elements of architecture and Navojo textiles. Fascinated by primordial landscapes, Photographer Luca Tombolini uses photography to study the concept of time, self and perceived reality.

Alice Bosc

London, United Kingdom

Alice Bosc is an independent London-based brand offering a collection of design products including jewellery, stationery and objects.

All the products are made in the UK and handcrafted in London.

Launched in Summer 2016 by French graphic designer Alice Bosc, the brand has the objective to offer a collection of beautifully crafted, quality products with a focus on minimal aesthetic and a commitment to high quality finish based on collaborations with the finest craftsmen. Alice Bosc finds her inspiration in architecture, art and nature.