Abstract Color

AH/OK x Nick Prideaux

Two stories about color and finding beauty in the smallest details are brought together: fashion label AH/OK’s ‘Bloom’ collection shows instinctive traces of color and Nick Prideaux’s photographs are all about simplicity through subtraction and focussing on bold color and light.

Everyday details in fashion and photography

AH/OK x Arch Mcleish

Capturing everyday details and translating them into garments, we found the lighthearted match between fashion label AH/OK and photographer Arch Mcleish.


Milan, Italy

AH/OK creates something that they always wanted in they closets, that reflects themselves and their tastes. Simple, clean, basic, eclectic. Characterised by refined and contemporary prints, created through material’s experimentation and combined with minimal lines, colours combination, high quality and details attention, Scandinavian and Oriental references: AH/OK is all this, together.

Both designers, Claudia Carieri and Francesca Errani brought in this project their professional experiences and assets: Claudia started as graphic designer and illustrator, Francesca as jewelry designer. Two worlds similar and different at the same time, that met in 2006 within the team of Swatch designers. Here their knowledges are amplified: for Claudia with bijoux design, rendering and material research, for Francesca with patterns, prints and textiles. AH/OK is where all finally meets.