Ratna Ho's Everlasting Bags

Ratna Ho x Naomi White

The essence of RATNA HO’s vegan bags is crystallized in the equally technical and pictorial compositions of Naomi White’s photographic series Plastic Currents. This is luxury meets sci-fi - watch and be amazed!

Raw Materials and Deserted Lands

Studio Mulder x Peter Holliday

In light of Peter's Holliday's series Where the Land Rises, Studio Mulder's collections become a concise study on contrasts in materials, textures and landscapes.


Atelier Bartavelle x Caroline Perdrix

"Ettore" is inspired by the photo series land art "Metaphors" of the artist Ettore Sottsass. The artist Charlotte Develter has made three set ups in the limestone quarries of La Ciotat, near Marseille, which echoes the color range of the collection, architecture and print garment.