Urban Geometry Inspired Minimal Menswear

MLTV Clothing x Jeff Seltzer

Drawing inspiration from distorted and layered geometric shapes, menswear label MLTV brings multi-function and versatility to its AW16 collection. Documenting everyday urban landscape, photographer Jeff Seltzer captures harmonious sceneries depicting interesting frames of man-made objects in their surroundings.

Everyday details in fashion and photography

AH/OK x Arch Mcleish

Capturing everyday details and translating them into garments, we found the lighthearted match between fashion label AH/OK and photographer Arch Mcleish.

Transcend the Sportswear

Maison Nomade x Víctor Bensusi

“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.”

Redesign, Reconstruct and Recycle

Doodlage x Nicholas Mellefont

Bringing the work of fashion label Doodlage and visual artist Nicholas Mellefont together, we see creations of new visuals from everyday patterns by meticulous compositions and assemblage.

Chaotic Forms

Sara Chyan Jewellery x Brett Henrikson

Straight lines exist everywhere around. All the things we see, we touch and we create are made up of straight lines. And, what about ourselves?

Rustic Nature

Ling-Ling x Paula Faraco

What happens to a landscape when earth and water combine, or when organic material and mineral meet? Fashion designer Ling Ling collaborates with Berlin based photographer Paula Faraco, to explore this question, and discovered the perfect expression of nature in the Icelandic landscape.

Juxtaposing Lines

Verena Schepperheyn x Hayley Rheagan

Inspired by Verena Schepperheyn‘s Spring/Summer 2016 collection ‘Juxtaposing Lines’, photographer Hayley Rheagan created a photo series dedicated to the collection. Urban architecture is abstracted with her signature style of creating new dimensionality and space. Both artists transform everyday patterns into vibrant yet calming visuals.

Invitation for a Coffee

Lidija Kolovrat

Lidija Kolovrat's SS16 Collection titled ‘Invitation for a coffee’ came from Lidija’s childhood fascination about the patterns left at the bottom of the coffee cup.

Dance, Dance

meshit x Kate Riep

Youth is about change, challenges, transition, tremendous courage and the will for a self-determined life and freedom.

The 21st Century Rockabilly

Noir Larmes x Noir Larmes

The AW16 Season Noir Larmes concept is inspired by Jean Luc Godard’s movie ‘À bout de souffle’ and its styling was expressed with 21th century rock-a-billy concept.