When self-portrait and still life collide

STYL.MYL. x Leonardo Magrelli

Leonardo Magrelli’s photo series ‘Meerror’ shows what mirrors reflect when we are not in front of them. These unseen and almost vanishing images inspire a visual conversation with STYL.MYL.’s design, which often adds unexpected cuts and details to the garments.

Abstract Art and Embroidery Patches

Roche Rouge x Ingeborg ten Hoopen

Roche Rouge’s second collection takes you on a journey to the darkest depths of the sea. The atmosphere of the lookbook is highlighted by the constructivist art works of artist Ingeborg ten Hoopen.

Inspired by Sea and Earth

Atelier Bartavelle x Francesca Ferrari

Continuing its poetic venture in the south of France, French label Atelier Bartavelle collaborates with photographer Francesca Ferrari, translating the story of its AW16 collection Méounes into visuals.

Luxury Womenswear With A Youthful Spirit

CIMONE x Rhiannon Adam

CIMONE is a new luxury womenswear brand with a youthful spirit. Its AW16 collection melds raw experimentation with a polished aesthetic. The outspoken proportions and daring mix of fabrics create a strong visual accompanying its lookbook photographer Rhiannon Adam’s personal work shot in Polaroid.

Scandinavian Rainwear and Urban Abstractions

Stutterheim x Adam Geary

For AW16 collection, Stutterheim draws inspiration from Italian design group The Memphis Group and 70’s military surplus aesthetics. The eye-catching color combinations are highlighted by photographer Adam Geary’s photo series ‘Light Years’, as it takes us on a journey through the city through quiet abstractions of everyday urban life.

Daring Spirits

ESP x Jeremy Audet

Bringing Jeremy Audet’s photos series ‘Breaking Ice and Rock: Yosemite’ together with Elisabeth Stray Pedersen’s Collection No.5, you are invited to a self discovery journey into the rocky nature full of daring spirits.

Landscape Studies

Alice Bosc x Luca Tombolini

Inspired by the colors of earth, graphic designer Alice Bosc launched her minimal jewellery collection infused with elements of architecture and Navojo textiles. Fascinated by primordial landscapes, Photographer Luca Tombolini uses photography to study the concept of time, self and perceived reality.

Winter’s Shades

Pitchouguina x Robert Darch

Pitchouguina’s AW16 collection while visually contrasts its airy summer collection, continues the label’s melancholic emotion. The warm color palette and the dark wintery mood are interpreted through Robert Darch’s photo series ‘The Moor’ – a fictionalized documentary realizing a dystopian future.

Address Social Dynamics of Fashion

Studio IKKAI

Studio IKKAI is a cross-disciplinary studio with a focus on art direction and design in the fields of fashion and new media.

A Metropolitan Adventure

Charlotte Zimbehl x Alessandro Costa

While Charlotte Zimbehl designs outerwear that embraces the adventures of a cosmopolitan woman, photographer Alessandro Costa journeys across the world documenting architectures of metropolitan cities.